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PRO X8 videoscope

Touch screen and 3D Measurement


PRO X8 videoscope
Touch screen and 3D Measurement

The PROX 8M is a portable remote visual inspection system made of a large high resolution touch screen associated with a system of interchangeable video probes available in either 4.0 or 6.0mm with working lengths up to 7m

Its design allows a great comfort of use. An adjustable illumination provides powerful light for the inspection of hard to reach areas.

The PRO X8 M offers a 3D measurement function that allows to measure with precision the size of defects.

The PRO X 8 M also offers other advanced features such as:

  • File editing: Circle, annotate pictures and videos with ease.
  • Report editing with possibility of sharing it via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Comparaison of stored and live images. Ideal to compare the wear on a part during its lifetime.

A version without measurement function is also available.

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Presentation of our new 3D measurement videoscope - BIPOL PRO X8 M