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How to optimize videoscope inspections?

A videoscope is a digital device used for visual inspection of inaccessible areas. On the one end it uses a video camera at the end of a flexible tube and a light source, which enables the user to make videos or capture images. A screen, at the other end, displays the camera’s view.
In general terms, technological instruments have evolved to simplify the inspection of twisted components, different angles in areas that are not easily accessed, without having to dismantle the machine.

In order to optimize your videoscope inspections take into consideration the following tips:

  • Choose the right probe: The first thing to consider before choosing the probe is the area you want to access. Probes come in many different diameters and lengths. The criteria for selecting the right one is the depth and the opening of the area to be inspected. They are designed to resist in harsh working conditions. They offer IP67 protection rate and resist to gasoline and fuel.
  • Image focusing: The next step is to choose carefully the focusing of the image. There are two options; the short focusing, which is frequently used to conduct accurate inspections in a close range. It is ideal for spotting every possible detail at a very close range.
    Long focusing, on the other hand, is commonly used for long range inspections. They enable the user to see further and inspect areas that are long and impossible to see directly. Such inspections help the users to avoid dismantling large engines.
  • Enhance/diminish illumination: Important role during the inspection is the advantage of making videos or still images. This feedback can give reliable information about the state of every component. To reach and inspect every part of the machine, videoscopes need to function at their maximum. One key element is illumination. Poor illumination can give inaccurate results and shorten the life of a component. On the other hand, reflective metallic surfaces may pose a difficulty during the inspection. For that reason, adjusted illumination can enable inspectors to confirm that the components are working properly.

Many different industries use videoscopes in order to conduct routine maintenance, repairs and draw accurate inspection control results so as to prolong the life of a component. Optimizing your videoscope inspections equals with accurate and efficient videoscope results. Efficient evaluation allows companies to diagnose problems quickly while staying operational. Reducing operating costs saves valuable time and money which is the key to success for every company.

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