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PRO B videoscope, a versatile inspection system.

The PRO B videoscope is a complete inspection system suitable for all types of inspections. It adapts to all your needs even the most specific ones: very small diameters, long lengths, high temperature, etc. It is by far the most versatile videoscope of our range.

This versatility is due to the wide choice of interchangeable video probes with customizable characteristics allowing you to create the combination that best suits your needs:

  • Diameter from 0.95mm up to 6.0mm. The 0.95mm diameter probe allows the inspection of narrow areas.
  • Working length from 0.5m up to 30m. The long lengths (20 & 30m) are ideal for pipes inspection.
  • Direction of vision 0°, 90° and dual vision 0° & 90° to inspect straight ahead and to the sides with a single probe.
  • 3 lighting options: white light (fiber optics or LEDs), infrared and UV.
  • Adjustable focal length: short, standard, or long.
  • Resistance to high temperatures allowing to work at temperatures up to 300°C.
Interchangeable probes on the PRO B videoscope.

Our probes are all 100% compatible and can be exchanged in just a few seconds. This allows you to multiply the possibilities of inspection by carrying with you a single videoscope and several probes in our dedicated carrying cases.

The PRO B videoscope is ideal for inspecting weld seams, turbines, heat exchangers, piping in the nuclear sector as well as contraband search with the infrared videoscope.

More information about the PRO B and probes available on our website and in our documentation.

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