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PRO S videoscope - 360° articulating

The Bipol PRO S videoscope is a new addition to our range of videoscopes. Our teams have selected it for its many features:

  • A precise 360° articulation with joystick control.
  • A bending angle up to 220° allowing inspection of all corners of the controlled area.
Vidéoscope PRO S, sonde articulable avec angle de 220°
  • A 720P CMOS high resolution camera. Images and videos are displayed on a 3.5” high-definition screen (1280x720P).
  • An intuitive menu with icons allowing everyone regardless of the language spoken to access the parameters in order to adjust the brightness, the contrast, the screen color and the aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9).9).
Menu with icons on the PRO S videoscope
  • Various functions such as image freeze, zoom and measurement rulers are available for greater working comfort.
  • A lightweight (only 0.5kg) and compact (265*114mm) design.
  • A robust, waterproof and IP67 (probes) / IP65 (housing) protection.

This robust videoscope with a diameter of 6.0mm x 1.5m allows remote visual inspection in many sectors such as industry, maintenance, security forces, aeronautics, energy…

It is the ideal tool for the inspection of cylinders of diesel engines, generator sets and compressed air cylinders.

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