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Personal tool kit with probes



Personal tool kit with probes

The IP-PTK Personal Tool Kit was designed with direct input from US Customs and Border Protection advisors. This handy kit gives narcotics interdiction officers everything they need to inspect, probe, or open packages and other suspicious cargo without having to go search for the right tool. The tools in the IP-PTK1 permit hand inspection of small spaces involving physical probing and common small object disassembly for inspection and/or safety purposes. Once the Buster contraband detector indicates the presence of contraband, the narcotics interdiction officer can use the IP-PTK to locate and remove the contraband.

The IP-PTK consists of:
– 1 3/8” x 8” Stainless Steel Custom Inspection Probe with ”T”-Handle and an 8” Extension. The probe has a perforated and grooved tip designed for sample retention and extraction.
– 1 3/16” x 8” Stainless Steel Custom Inspection Probe with sample tip as above.
– 1  Multi-purpose Handheld Utility Tool set including assorted drivers for screws and bolts, files, saw, small scissors, pliers, and knives.
– 1 Flashlight 7” LED MagLite Flashlight
– 1  Case Belt Mounted, Military-nylon quality, Custom Carrying Case with secure retention flap.

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