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PRO GX M videoscope

3D Stereo Measurement | Ø3.9 & 6.2mm


PRO GX M videoscope
3D Stereo Measurement | Ø3.9 & 6.2mm

The PRO GX M is a 720P high definition videoscope with 3D stereo measurement function. It has a large 6.5’’high- resolution touch screen ideal for visualising the smallest details of your inspection.

Versatile, this videoscope allows 3D stereo inspections as well as standard inspections. PRO GX M videoscope can accurately measure defect size by point-to-point, point-to-line, depth, area measurement. It can display the object distance and measurement size in real time, so that the detection can be completed more intuitively and accurately. The rich three-dimensional depth cloud image provides a reliable guarantee for accurate measurement, and cracks as thin as silk can be accurately displayed and measured.

Probes are interchangeable in seconds. They are available in diameters 3.9mm and 6.0mm with working lengths available in 2 and 3 meters. 2 viewing directions are available: 0° or 90°.

The videoscope has a motorized joystick which greatly improves the positioning capability of the probe. It can be used in many fields such as aviation, automobile manufacturing, investment casting, railways, shipbuilding, energy, electricity, etc.

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