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HT videoscope

Work with temperatures up to 300°C


HT videoscope
Work with temperatures up to 300°C

The PRO B HT videoscope allows to work at temperatures up to 300°C thanks to its cooling system. It is available in diameter Ø6.0mm with with working lengths up to 3 m.

No need to wait for the engine to cool down to conduct your inspection with the PRO B HT, you can react faster and more efficiently saving time and money.  It connects to a compressor (not provided) to ensure airflow.

This videoscope is a compact portable system (0.6kg) made of high resolution white light illuminated camera 720P mounted on an articulated probe 360°. It offers a large 5.0’’ LCD screen which is ideal to visualize the thinest details during the inspection.

We can custom make length up to 6 meters and 90° direction of vision probe.

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