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PRO B-R videoscope

Rigid probes from 1.2 mm


PRO B-R videoscope
Rigid probes from 1.2 mm

The BIPOL PRO B-R rigid videoscope is a compact portable system (0.6kg) made of a large 5.0’’ LCD screen with a small diameter, large field of view camera which is ideal to visualize the thinest details during inspection of straight or side holes.

Our PRO B-R is available in the following diameters: 1.2 – 2.8 – 3.9 & 6.0mm with a working length of up to 560mm.

This all-in-one system includes photo and video recording and powerful adjustable lighting. It is available in 4 different diameters in several lengths and viewing directions (0° – 30° – 70° – 90°). It has an Android-compatible WiFi function that offers the possibility of viewing the inspection in live mode on tablets or smartphones.

Versatile and customizable, the videoscope has a system of interchangeable probes that can be exchanged in just a few seconds. It is compatible with all PRO B flexible articulated probes.

It is the perfect instrument for checking casting, fuel systems, mechanical parts for to inspect for burrs, cross-hole alignment, surface finish irregularities, and numerous other possible defects.


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