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Cummins Diesel engine inspection
Photo of a planer / road milling machine.

What is a cold milling machine?

A cold milling machine, also known as a "Planer" or "Road Milling Machine", ensures cost-effective removal of asphalt and concrete pavements. It is a machine used to repair pavements, industrial areas, or airport runways to improve the roughness of the runway, for example.

Characteristics of the Cummins diesel engine.

The engine is a Cummins model type QSL 8.9 + QSC 8.3 with a maximum power of 298 Kw. There are 6 cylinders Engine Cummins QSL 8.9 + 6 cylinders Engine Cummins QSC 8.3.

These engines are suitable for all types of construction equipment, including: excavators, cranes, logging loaders, compactors, air compressors, handling equipment such as forklift trucks and trucks handling containers, tractors, sprayers, shredders, and feller-bunchers.

Photo of a Cummins diesel engine

The inspection.

The inspection was carried out using the PRO S videoscope, selected for its high-resolution insertion probe (700.000 pixels), which can be moved on 4 axes at 220° which allows a complete and precise inspection of the cylinder. It is available in diameter 6mm x 1m.

In general, the Pro S is suitable for inspections of diesel engines and generators. It has been specially developed to inspect engine cylinders, valves & combustion chambers.

Here we have inspected cylinders in detail to observe any damage on pistons.

Photo of a wear on pistons
Wear on pistons

Photo of a wear on pistons
Wear on pistons
Photo of a damaged valve
Damaged valve

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