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Discover our new PT360 telescopic pole system

Our PT-360 telescopic pole system extendable up to 5.15m is an essential tool for observing high or difficult-to-access areas. It is equipped with a Ø39mm 4K HD camera with 12 LED lighting adjustable to 7 levels to improve the quality of images and videos. The telescopic pole system has a 10.1'' touch screen with a removable and rechargeable 55W battery pack offering optimal working comfort.

For this telescopic pole system, 2 types of interchangeable camera are available:

A waterproof IP68 360° motorized camera, useful in many sectors for the following applications:

  • Transport: Inspection and quality control, detection of illegal immigrants and contraband goods. Inspection of running gear, containers in port areas, etc.  
  • Law enforcement and security: control of rooms at height (window or floor), detection of people, security of buildings, controls of trucks, containers, boxes, .. Conduct under vehicle search for hidden merchandise. 
  • Infrastructures: Detection of cracks, leaks, corrosion or welds in the nuclear sector. 
  • Industry: Inspection of false ceilings, platforms, pipes, etc. 
  • Energy: Inspection of wind turbine blades, heat exchangers, piping, pipeline for detection of defects, rust, objects, etc.
Caméra Pan & Tilt 360°

A 360° camera (motorized or gooseneck) with talk/back function, IP65, ideal for rescuers and intervention teams. Thanks to this talk/back function, collect valuable information when searching for buried people in order to easily locate them for rapid intervention. And to further simplify searches, this camera is available in an Infrared version, ideal for inspections in low light conditions.

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