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PT-360 telescopic pole system

Extendable up to 5m


PT-360 telescopic pole system
Extendable up to 5m

Our line of high resolution PT-360 pole cameras offer reliable inspection solutions to security forces, rescue and emergency units, police, special forces and to the industrial sector.

Available with motorized rotative cameras and talk/back cameras (motorized or gooseneck), they allow inspection of buildings, containers, infrastructures such as bridges, trucks, or industrial sites among others.

2 types of illumination: White LEDs or Infrared.


  • 10.1″ touch screen – 1280 x 800px.
  • Exchangeable camera.
  • 360° PT infinite rotation.
  • IP65 PT camera with talk/back function or waterproof IP68 PT camera.
  • 12 LEDs adjustable – 7 levels. Vision distance of 10m.
  • Exchangeable 55 W Li battery.
  • Record, photo, playback.
  • Position.
  • Auto focus.

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